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Quiane Crews is 22 year old song writer, contributor, speaker, creator and entrepreneur out of Fort Wayne, IN. Quiane doesn't believe in limitations. Quiane has started varies of different companies and recently made a name for himself as a PR specialist. He's been featured on sites like Succeed, HuffPost, INC, Entreprenuer and many others. 

Quiane is the founder and Chairman of LPG Technology, Inc. Quiane found his success in 2016 after partnering up with a friend drop-shipping on sites like Amazon and eBay where he grossed $1.2M in just 4 months. 

Mr. Crews partnered up with Shenzhen Communication Co. as a founding partner in China that developed smartphones, laptops and other technology. In 2017 Quiane parted ways from Shenzhen Communication Co. and  started developing his own technology for his new tech startup LPG. 

Quiane is also the founder and CEO of Influencer Spotlight  where he focuses on helping other entrepreneurs and business owners get their story on major publications like Influencive, INC and Forbes. 



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The mission of Royalkiing is to provide quality footwear for casual use, athletic use and professional use across the market. Limitations do not live in a king's mentality. Our vision is to have all fashionistas represent the brand across all markets. 

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Influencer Spotlight


Our mission at Influencer Spotlight is to work with the top entrepreneurs and influencers and get them featured on big publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, INC Etc. We live by the saying "Facts Tell, Stories Sell."

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LPG Technology


Our mission is focused on becoming the smartphone leader amongst 10-24 year olds by creating a pioneering hardware that caters to their requirements, desires and needs. 

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Strategy Session

A 90-minute private session with me

We will meet in person or via video call to dissect and put strategies in place to help build and transform your business. 

This can be done remotely or in person

Private Workshop

3 Hour Workshop with me

Want help growing your sales online? How about getting more mainstream press? In this 3 hour session I will show you how to get results fast and form strategic partnerships to enhance your business. 

This can be done remotely or in person

How I Can Help

1. Establish Credibility: 

I can get you the exposure and publicity that your brand needs to get to that next level. 

2. Growth: 

I'll help grow your company through unique methods both online and offline. 

3. Blueprints: 

I'll give you my blueprints I've used for past success but will also design custom ones if needed. 

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Hector Gonzalez


"I met Quiane through FaceBook and immediately noticed his solid credibility in the business space. Now, at first glance, him being 22 years old you'd think that there would be some hesitancy or skepticism..but not when you hear the solid knowledge he has when he opens his mouth and when you see the results. I honestly couldn't believe he was 22..Practically disbelief. But results are results and Quiane's results speak for themselves. You'd be doing yourself a favor in working with him."

A Certain Energy


"Quiane keeps his composure and professionalism even through the storms. That's something not too many people can do. If you're not working with Quiane, then you're in the wrong."

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