Quiane Crews


Quiane Crews is the founder and COO of Influencer Spotlight. Quiane found his success in 2016 after partnering up with a friend drop-shipping on sites like Amazon and eBay where he grossed $1.2M in just 4 months. Mr. Crews partnered up with Shenzhen Communication Co. as a founding partner in China that developed smartphones, laptops and other technology. In 2017 Quiane parted ways from Shenzhen Communication Co. and started developing his own technology for his new tech startup LPG Technology. 

current ventures


Influencer Spotlight

Founder & COO

At Influencer Spotlight we help Entrepreneurs and Influencers get their story featured on major on major publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance etc.




The mission 0f RoyalKiing is to provide quality Footwear and apparel for the casual use, athletic use, and professional use across the market. Limitations do not live in a Kiing's mentality. Our vision Vision is to have all fashionistas represent the brand across all markets. 


Crews Control Records

Founder | Artist

Crews Control Records is a family owned record label that will soon be recognized all over the world with up and coming talent currently signed.